FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Schweiss doors manufactured?

Schweiss Doors are custom built right here in the US at our factory in Hector, MN.

How far can Schweiss deliver a door?

Schweiss has it's own fleet of trucks that can deliver to nearly any location within North America, but we can also ship doors internationally via air or sea.

Who installs the doors, and can I do it myself?

Schweiss has trusted installers all over the United States. These skilled installers are trained and qualified to install Schweiss doors, and maintain them when the need arises. Alternatively you can easily install the door yourself with the proper equipment, we provide detailed instructions and are always just a phone call away if you need any assistance.

With our "Build Your Own Door" kit, you can even do the welding yourself to save even more money.

Are liftstraps really better than cables?

Schweiss' patented polyester liftstraps are far superior to outdated cables. Liftstraps have a tensile strength of 29,000 lbs compared to a standard cable that only has a strength of 7000 lbs. Straps do not rust and have a longer lifespan. The liftstrap system also reduces the number of moving parts reducing complications and noise.

What size of doors does Schweiss have?

All of Schweiss' doors are built to order, and we can build your door to accomadate a large aircraft, even a rocket, or small enough for a doorway. Schweiss has many add-on options such as windows and walk doors that will give your door all the functionality you could ever need.