Hydraulic Door Safety Info

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors are the best selling doors on the market.

When it comes to safe hydraulic and bi-fold door operation, we never cut corners at Schweiss Hydraulic Doors. You might be surprised to learn that a lot of door manufacturers out there (namely our competitors) skimp on quality materials. Think about it: if you're getting a cheaper door, then what's missing?
At Schweiss Hydraulic Doors, we educate our customers on the true meaning of safe commercial overhead door operation. Commercial Door Safety is No Accident!
Don't be fooled - every safety feature offered by the competition comes standard on a Schweiss commercial hydraulic door!

Red plane outside hanger with hydraulic door

Schweiss Safety Advantage -- Hydraulic Pump Systems

  • Locks the door up and down, in all positions - so your door WILL NEVER close on its own.
  • Built in safety - if a hose or tube breaks, your door will stop immediately.
  • Locks and holds the door in the closed position - your door will never creep open.
  • Door opens evenly; door closes evenly.
  • Allows you to emergency lower the door from the ground level - so no ladders are needed to lower the door.
  • Prevent thermal expansion pressure in the cylinders - releases pressure/drips the oil back into the tank.
  • Low voltage coils are safer to work around - it's only 24 volts DC (not 220 volts).
  • Internal cylinder stops to keep the door from overextending - for safety and security.

And there's more!

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors offers absolutely unparalleled dedicated to your safety! Because we offer our easy to install self-installation package, as usual, we're always prepared to back up our product! At your request, we provide a Schweiss installer to completely check your installation for accuracy and safety. We even train on proper installation, proper use, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and so much more!

At Schweiss Hydraulic Doors, your safety is our number one priority. Every door, every time - that's Schweiss Doors! Experience the Schweiss Advantage for yourself - call us today and see why Schweiss Doors is a lasting icon in safe commercial door operation!

For added safety, Schweiss Hydraulic Doors also offers:

  • Electric Photo Eye Sensor - so your door stops immediately when an obstruction breaks the light beam.
  • Door Base Safety Edge - stops and reverses your door upon contact with an obstruction.
  • Warning Lights and Horns - allows for safe operation at all times.
  • Emergency Backup - Schweiss offers several backup systems, so you can always safely operate your door, especially in case of power failure.

Emergency Lowering the Hydraulic Door
Manually lowering the door
Manually bleeding the door down

Just stand by the hydraulic pump system and move the emergency levers - it's as easy as that!

  • Oil drains back into the tank, leaving no mess.
  • No ladders needed, so there's no chance of falling off a ladder.
  • One person can easily lower the door, alone.
  • The door will come down evenly and smoothly, so no chance of twisting the doorframe.
Schweiss Does it Better - Safety is #1 on our list

Brand X's Door - They do it the Hard Way and the Cheap Way

  • You need to get two ladders out - one for each cylinder on each side of the doorway!
  • Two people must use ladders, while trying to keep from being under the door - it's almost impossible!
  • You must begin bleeding the lines - with the cheap block - with one man on each side of the doorway. Where's the oil going while it's bleeding out? Oil will be everywhere - what a mess to clean up!
  • If the door is lowered unevenly, the frame may get twisted - so now you have even bigger problems!
  • Others use cheap poorly designed blocks to get by - Say No to the Cheap Scenario!
  • When the door is open, it needs to come down - so you have to put ladders on each side, while bleeding oil out with no place to go, while hanging from the ladders trying to lower the door evenly! It's not an easy task; it's very messy, time consuming and very unsafe!
  • When you go cheap, the price is usually higher - because you get a poorly designed door.
Schweiss Hydraulic Doors - We do it the Smart Way and the Easy Way